Since its inception, CONING-PPI has been present in the cosmetics industry for over 30 years.  We are one of the leading importers of lanolin, glycerin, paraffin oils, colors and various other raw materials in the cosmetic industry. We represent top European producers and are proud of our wide range. Sail into the world of beauty with us!

Lanolin (lat. Adeps lanae)- a yellowish oily mass that comes from sheep’s wool. Thanks to its emulsing properties, it can absorb 200-300% water, which is why it is used as part of the fat phase in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. CONING -PPI represents renowned lanoline manufacturer STELLA LANOLINES.

White bees wax (lat. Cera alba)- white-yellow granules of distinctive odor, obtained by melting the hives of drone bees, and then by refining and purifying. In pharmaceuticals and cosmetics it is used as part of the fat phase in the production of semi-solid products, primarily because of its emollient effect on the skin.

Vaseline (lat. Vaselinum album)- white or yellowish fat, insuppliable in water,
chemically it is a mixture of liquid and solid hydrocargs derived from oil
processing, and is used as part of a fat phase in creams. CONING-PPI is the
official representative of the German company SASOL WAX .

Paraffin oil (lat. Parrafinum liquidum)- yellowish liquid, mixture of liquid
hydrocarronics, also a derivative of oil. Most often, combined with vaseline
and other components, it forms a base for fats and creams. We are the official
representative of the German company SASOL WAX .

Glycerin (lat. Glycerolum)- a viscous liquid without color or smell, mixes with
water. In nature it is found it in the form of triglycerides. In cosmetics it is most
commonly used as humectas.

Methyl paraben and propil-paraben – white powdery substances, preservatives with primarily fungicide effect. They are most commonly used in combination with some dominant bacterial agent.

As a representative of  SENSIENT COSMETIC TECHNOLOGIES, CONING-PPI offers various raw materials for the production of cosmetics and home chemistry:

  • hydrosolubil and liposolul colors and pigments,
  • colors and raw materials for hair care products,
  • active substances, eccipiens, bases and emulsitators for makeup and
    cosmetic products for skin care,
  • UV filtration

Thanks to cooperation with R&D professionals employed in SENSIENT COSMETIC TECHNOLOGIES implementation laboratories, we are able to provide appropriate technical support to each customer depending on their needs, with respect to regulations and the provision of necessary documentation.

  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Ricinus oil
  • Grape bone oil
  • Macadamia oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Shea Butter
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