Since 2010, we are official representatives of  Nouryon (former AkzoNobel). When making roads, it is necessary that the aggregate and bitumen form as much homogenous mass as possible. The biggest opponent of this process is moisture. Promoters of adhesion help and work to prevent moisture from being infused in the bitumen mixture system (asphalt) and/or in actively ejecting water from the aggregate so that bitumen can bitax into the aggregate. CONING (PPI) offers a wide range of Nouryon products: bitumen emulsions, emulsors, as well as adhesion promoters.

When mixing bitumen and aggregates to create asphalt mass, the aggregate is heated to over 200 ° C to dry out. This process ejects water from the process. Such hot asphalt mixes with bitumen that is also heated, but not over 180 ° C (due to oxidation and changing characteristics). In this process, the asphalt is made. These are ideal conditions for making asphalt. However, despite the ideal conditions, due to various characteristics of bitumen (acidity, polarity and chemical chain) and aggregates (polarity, moistness, nature,
acidity), adhesion is still weak in many cases. In these ideal conditions passive promoters of adhesion are used: 
1. Nouryon’s best product: Wetfix AP17 
2. Nouryon’s best-selling product: Wetfix BE
3. Nouryon’s most innovative product: Rediset LQ-1200

For a variety of reasons, there are mixttures that are made cold. In that case,the aggregate cannot dry out. Since bitumen does not grip on a moist aggregate, there is a problem of moisture being removed from the system. In cases like this, active adhesion promoters are used. The active promoter of adhesion not only removes moisture from the system when making the bitumen mixture, but also has the same characteristics as passive promoter of adhesion after asphalt/road-making.
1. Nouryon ‘best-selling and best product: Diamine OLBS’;

When stacking each layer of asphalt, and to turn up the adhesion between them, a bitumen solution or in other words,  emulsion. Before, bitumen used to be dissolved with various petrochemical solvents, which due to financial and environmental obstacles emaned from use. Right now, bitumen is dissolved in the water. Water is the cheapest solution financially. However, according to the masses, bitumen is lighter than water and in order for the two liquids to mix, their mass must be the same. Therefore, emulsions are used to make the masses of these two liquids possible for  mixing of them. Bitumen emulsions are used for interstelon coatings as well as for various treatments in the road maintenance process. Nouryon has a wide range of dedicated products:
1. Emulsity emulsity emulsion (point coat): Redicote EM44 
2. Bitumen sludge emulsor (slurry seal or microsurfacing): Redicote 404 
3. Cold Recycling Emulsator: Redicote E-11

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