Since 2010 we have been involved in the sale and representation of various food raw materials.  We expand our assortment daily and try to satisfy the tastes and needs of the most demanding customers. We are present in the juice, oil, pasta, as well as meat and contingery industries.

Since 2009 we are official representatives of the Danish company OVODAN  (formerly Sanovo). From the rich assortment we extract the mostcommonly used products and certificates:

Dextrose monohydrate is a white minced powder of very fine granule, with low
note content. It is used as an aditive in many spheres of industrial production:

  • Production of ice cream
  • Meat processing
  • Production of cosmetic supplements
  • Production of refreshing drinks

Lemon acid monohydrate is a white crystal of a uniform size that has exceptional soothing in warm water and low dust content. In the food industry it is applied as an acid regulator, but also in different industries:

  • Pharmacy: production of medicines and as aditiv in nutritivni preparations
  • Cosmetics : creams, lotions, shampoo, liquid soaps, deodorant and oral hygiene
  • Food : meat, seafood, spices, instant meals, dairy products  andbakery industry
  • Beverage industry: juices, alcohol, syrup production and water bottled

Corn starch is a fine white powder created by insulation starch from corn grains. It is used to binding water as a congestion of liquids, soups, sauces and the meat industry.

Potato starch is a congestion in the high-viscosity food industry. It is used in fruit stuffing, meat and dairy industries and in the production of sauces.

Vitamin C is a food supplement and has the role of antioxidants

  • Prevents the appearance of enzyme tanned products whenprocessing fruits and vegetables
  • It causes the oil oxidation process to slow down, leading to a hinge ofoil
  • Contributes to improving the quality of wheat flour and pasta in breadproduction
  • Increases the brightness of wine and beer
  • Aditive in meat processing plays the role of nitrosamin formation inhibitor

We offer a renowned manufacturer of SELT MARINE GROUP. Caragenan E
407 is a type of polisaharide hydrocoloid present in the structure of certaintypes of red sea algae. These carbohydrates have the ability to create, in very low concentrations, dense solutiones or gels in the water environment. Caragenan is widely used in food production, medicine, chemical industry, biological chemistry, construction paint and agriculture. The power of caragenan is reflected in the process of the protein complex. It retains water and retains fat in the meat products after warming. It also retains resilience in the meat products and extends the expiration date. Increases contribution, improves texture and cutting ability.

Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide derived from starch with partial hydrolysis and has dextrose equivalent of 18. It’s white powder with no sweetness or taste. It has application in the contingery industry and ice cream industry, bakery industry for correction, reduction of product sweetness.

E 450 (i) DINATRIUM-DIFOSFAT, the necessary ingredient with application in
the bakery industry.

Mononatrium glutamine is used as a taste booster in the soup, spice industryand the meat industry.

  • Magnesium Chloride (E511)
  • Potassium Carbonate (E501)
  • Calcium Chloride (E509)
  • Sorbinic acid (E451(i))
  • Phosphoric acid 75% (E338)
  • Phosphoric acid 85% (E338)Fosforna kiselina 85% (E338)
  • Sodium tripolifosfat (E451(i))
  • Ammonium bicarbonate (E503(ii))
  • Potassium Sorbat (E202)
  • Sorbinic Acid (E451)
  • Sodium Benzoat (E211)

Sorbitol (E420)

Light and heavy paraffin oil, they are used as lubrication remedies in the
bakery industry.

Xantant -rubber (E415), synthetic congestion, stabilizer and remedy. It’sobtained by fermenting corn sugar using bacteria. In higher doses, it seems laxative. It is permitted in the ecological production of supplies. It is possible to produce from genetically modified corn, but a final estimate of the effects of such produced xant-rubber is not yet possible. It’s considered harmless.

PERMITTED USE: mill and bakery products, biscuits, cakes, pasta, fast-frozen and related products, cooked, semi-lasting and tanned sausages and cans, fixtures of fresh and melted cheese, fruit and vegetable desserts, stuffed olives, fruit and vegetable-based dials (including ketchup and similarproducts), fish salads, dairy-based substitutes or dairy products , candyproducts, charging mass, toppings, egg-based liqueurs, alcoholic beverages in addition to natural brandies, fruit wines and mixed fruit wines, soft refreshing drinks, soup and sauce concentrates, add-ons, spice extracts and spice mixes, pudding powder, creams, desserts and related products, flips,expedited grains, blends and other snack products, all kinds of , food for thechildren and young children, grain-based food without gluten, food for the
children and young children for special needs, food supplements.

We offer domestic and imported powdered milk, obtained by drying skim milk
in spray dried dryers.  Skim powdered milk must contain no less than 95%
milk of solid matter and must not exceed 4% moisture or 1.5% fat, the minimum protein content is 34%, unless otherwise indicated.
In general, powdered milk has wide application in the food industry, from the
production of food for the mother, through chocolate and caramel-type treats,
to the bakery industry.

We offer domestic and imported powdered milk obtained by drying (removing water) from milk. It contains up to 5% moisture and 26% to 27% milk fat. It is mainly used in the food industry for the production of ice cream and thebakery industry.

We offer dried onions, parsning, celery (root and leaf), parsley leaf and dried carrots.

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